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Service list

  • Jewllery and Accessories

  • Be sure to protect your jewellery and / or other products from knocks.

  • Store jewellery items in the box provided.

  • Try to avoid wearing your jewellery when cleaning as harsh chemicals may damage your goods. Keep your jewellery and other acrylic, perspex and wooden products away from harsh chemicals.

  • Regularly touching or rubbing your jewellery may make metals dull or even remove plating.

  • To keep your silver plated jewellery clean and shiny, rub very gently with a silver cloth.

  • Headbands are fragile so please avoid over stretching them when placing on your head as this can snap the acrylic.

  • cake toppers

  • Please make sure that you wash your acrylic cake topper in warm soapy water and then rinse before use. 

  • Gently press your cake topper using the prong into the cake to avoid breaking.

  • Avoide bending or drop the topper as it may break. 

  • After use wash with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Store in the box provided and use again.

  • chopping and sharing boards

  • Please don't submerge any wooden products in water as this will cause damage.

  • Wash your cutting board by hand. Wipe clean carefully after each use.

  • Ceramic and enamel mugs

  • White ceramic mugs (microwave safe & dishwasher proof -handwash recommended for longer life)

  • Once received, please clean with warm water before use.

  • Enamel mug (hand-wash is recommended for longer life) Once received, please clean with warm soapy water, rinse and dry before use.

  • Keyrings and photo items

  • Keyrings are ideal for holding one key per clasp or several by the metal ring. The clasp may break if too many keys are added onto it.

  • Please keep away from sharp objects as the print may be scratched off.

  • Sterling Silver

  • Sterling Silver can tarnish over time, especially when exposed to fragrances,
    cosmetics, even the air and our skin etc. 

    Polishing with a soft silver cloth will buff out tarnishing. There is good news, tarnishing is not